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  NTONYX Stylizer 1.0 Press-release,
December, 2000.




NTONYX Stylizer 1.0 (NS1.0) - is an easy to use, full-automatic real-time tool for powerful, intelligent transformation of MIDI-sequences (Standard MIDI Files). This tool is indented both for amateurs and professionals and provides the shortest way to creation of songs with a "human feel" and all necessary performance nuances.

NS1.0 is a result of the further development of the revolutionary NTONYX Performance Modeling technology, applied in stand-alone software Style Enhancer 2.1, Style Enhancer 1.0, NTONYX StyleMorpher 2.4 and Plug-ins Style Enhancer Micro 1.2(8) for Cakewalk software.

NTONYX Stylizer 1.0 allows you to choose various types of performance modeling - Pop/Jazz, Classic, Free/Ethnic and more, suitable for your song. Besides you can use convenient regulators to increase or to reduce the depth of transformation. This is the easiest way to "conduct" your own "virtual orchestra", define volume Accents, the Breath of winds or bowed instruments, adjust Pitch gliding and level of Vibrato. NS1.0 offers a completely new "quality standard" for your musical material and frees you from tiresome editing work with a sequencer. Please let our program do this work and convert your composition into a masterpiece.

How does NS1.0 work? With the help of special algorithm-rules arranged in a powerful set of Styles (performance manners) NS1.0 analyzes MIDI-sequences and inserts or changes the commands to such controls as Start Time, Duration, Velocity, Volume, Pitch Wheel, Modulation, etc. The result of this transformation is a MIDI file that sounds like a live musician performing on a real instrument.

In comparison to other Style Enhancer products, NS1.0 is armed with more powerful intelligent algorithms, which allow "to completely exclude a human" from music score analysis, and to assign the necessary Style (certain performance manner) to a track automatically, according to the selected type of modeling and track data - Solo, Poly, Range of Notes, value of Tempo, Musical Phrase dividing, the number of Program (GM Voice), etc.

The NTONYX team firmly believes that the Modeling Technology will be a major concept in electronic music - equally as important as it has already become in film-making and image creation. With this belief we confidently moving to developing the Intelligent Virtual Orchestra complete with artificial conductor and performers, and NTONYX Stylizer 1.0 is undoubtedly a new and important step in this direction.

System Requirements
Windows 9x/ME
Pentium 100 or higher. Pentium 120 recommended for real-time effects.
Windows 9x/ME-compatible sound card and/or MIDI interface.
Windows NT/2000/XP
Pentium 120 or higher.
Windows NT/2000/XP-compatible sound card and/or MIDI interface.

Established in 1984, NTONYX went a long way from a research lab and a team of computer music enthusiasts to a producer of internationally popular software and a strategic partner of Cakewalk. Our experts have managed to develop original unique technologies for musical performance modeling and morphing on the basis of intellectual analysis and transformation of MIDI data. NTONYX is in a continuous search for new solutions in this direction, regularly expanding the library of modeling algorithms and constantly finding for themselves new spheres of interest - such as development of voice banks and tools for audio technologies.