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  Style Enhancer 3.0 Press-release,
February, 2001.




  NTONYX, the innovator and leading developer of software based on Performance Modeling technology now announces Style Enhancer 3.0 (SE3.0), new stand-alone software for MIDI-song enhancing and creation of expressive music.

This new product is the result of further development of the unique NTONYX technology which allows you to introduce into a MIDI-sequence live sounding music. With the help of special rules SE3.0 analyzes MIDI-sequences, inserts into them and changes controller commands such as Tempo, Start Time, Velocity, Volume, Pitch Wheel, Expression and others. The result of the transformation is either simulation of a live musician playing a real instrument, or attaining a new unreal, but very interesting from a musical point of view, character to the performance. Now it is an easy to use, fast and effective real-time MIDI-tool accessible to all electronic musicians. It gives the composer and arranger previously unaccessable, unique and unlimited features for music creation.

SE3.0 Features
MODELER - basic SE3.0 tool allows transformation of the selected part by a Style in real time "on-the-fly".

  • The choice of Styles is carried out with the help of Style Explorer. The Styles are incorporated in groups and are in folders with the appropriate names.
  • Convenient Transformation Regulators panel, which allows you to easily achieve a vast number of performance variants and to adjust the nuances of the song.
  • Transformation Regulators also have Double-coordinate controllers - to smoothly change at once two chosen parameters in real-time. Values for axes X and Y are set by the drop-down lists, which are placed under each Regulator.
  • New regulator VARIABLE is a special parameter programmed by the Style developer and available for user's control. In every particular style Variable can be linked to one or more ordinary parameter (Velocity, Duration, Pitch Wheel, etc.) Application of Variable considerably enhances Style possibilities. The nature of the parameter action is indicated in the Style comment.
  • New Save presets opportunities. Using Preset Line you can save the desired mode of the Style operation under any name and use it again in the future.
  • A Style Library with 30 powerful Styles-algorithms for MIDI data transforming and covering the playing of a wide range of musical instruments in different musical manners.
  • Combined modes of transformation which allows mixing influences produced by hand with the help of Wheels, Joystick or with special MIDI-controllers (Velocity, Modulation, Pitch, Breath etc.) and influences calculated by the software.
  • Extended number of parameters of transformation: Tempo, Start Time, Velocity, Expression, Volume, Breath, Wheel, Modulation and Panning.
  • Auto Optimization function provides a filter of the MIDI-events in the fragment to be transformed.
  • Auto-analyzer section, provides the user information about a MIDI fragment selected for transformation and allows you to compare the data of selected material with Style Requirement, to better choose a Style and to execute a transformation.

ADJUSTER is a very effective tool for final adjusting of the parameters values. It allows you to change and adjust various parameters of a fragment, track or complete song with the purpose of receiving new values in real time.

DRUMS ADJUSTER allows you to change and adjust Velocity parameter of a fragment, track or complete song and generate new values in real time. The operation of the Drums Adjuster is an extremely flexible way of manipulating the Velocity parameter in real-time and obtain desired sound of the drums part.

FILTER is intended for deleting events in a chosen fragment and also for assigning of a constant value of the parameters of events.

QUANTIZER allows you to adjust the start time and duration of selected notes so that they line up with a fixed size of a time grid in real time.

Convenient feature of PARAMETERS VIEW - all basic parameters Tempo, Velocity, Expression *, Wheel, Modulation and Panning are displayed by different colours and can be seen simultaneously (on the same field) in Measure and Controllers pane.

Wide ZOOM OPPORTUNITIES of double coordinate Zoom

NOTES and CONTROLLERS EDITING allows you to manually insert and delete notes and controllers, to change Start Time, Pitch, Duration or Velocity, also to change meanings of parameters Expression*, Modulation, Panning, Wheel and Tempo.

CUSTOM SCREEN LAYOUTS allows set up of a screen arrangement that is convenient for user and which will remain constant with subsequent startup of the program.

Additional SE3.0 Styles Sets
Style Enhancer 3.0 includes a Library of 30 Styles. However, up until February 2001, a total of more than 350 Styles have been developed. Now, a very complete collection of Styles serving to simulate both real instruments and unreal musical manners are available to the user in sets of 30.

System Requirements
Windows 9x/ME
Pentium 100 or higher. Pentium 120 recommended for real-time effects.
Windows 9x/ME-compatible sound card and/or MIDI interface.
Windows NT/2000/XP
Pentium 120 or higher.
Windows NT/2000/XP-compatible sound card and/or MIDI interface.

Established in 1984, NTONYX went a long way from a research lab and a team of computer music enthusiasts to a producer of internationally popular software and a strategic partner of Cakewalk. Our experts have managed to develop original unique technologies for musical performance modeling and morphing on the basis of intellectual analysis and transformation of MIDI data. NTONYX is in a continuous search for new solutions in this direction, regularly expanding the library of modeling algorithms and constantly finding for themselves new spheres of interest - such as development of voice banks and tools for audio technologies.