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  NTONYX DrumWalker 1.4 Press-release,
April, 2001.




  NTONYX, the innovator and leading developer of software based on Performance Modeling technology now announces DrumWalker 1.4 - MIDI FX plug-in for Cakewalk software, enabling to convert a standard MIDI track into a Sonic Foundry Vegas Drums project.

DrumWalker 1.4 is MIDI FX plug-in for Cakewalk software. This is the easiest way to create professional sounds Sonic Foundry Vegas drums project on the base of Cakewalk/Sonar drum MIDI track. With DrumWalker 1.4 you are only a few clicks away from getting a REALLY impressive drum track! Welcome to the Walk to Vegas with DrumWalker 1.4!

DrumWalker 1.4 - is a MIDI FX plug-in, which can be used in Off-Line mode. DrumWalker enables you to convert a standard MIDI track into a Sonic Foundry Vegas Drums project. By selecting a drum track in Cakewalk and launching DrumWalker you can very easily assign your WAV-files (up to 3 Mb in size!) as samples for each drum and start Vegas. As the result you get a separate track for each individual drum in Vegas and separate clips for each drum stroke, whereas the loudness of a clip is calculated individually on the basis of the Velocity parameter. Besides DrumWalker makes it possible to define the following settings which can be used in the Vegas project:

  • Control of the Sample dynamics with the help of three modes: Normalizer, Expander, Ultra-Maximizer
  • Attack and release time for each drum
  • Interaction of Front Attack and Back Release parameters with the time interval between the played notes of the same drums
  • Interaction of Front Attack and Back Release parameters with the Velocity
  • Independent Envelope control (Soft, Line, Hard, Smart) of the Attack and Release for each drum; automatic generation of the envelope in Smart mode based on the Velocity parameter
  • Pitch Shift in the range -12 to +12 semi-tones for each drum

Each Vegas track can be processed by DirectX Plug-ins. The obtained result is later mixed down by Vegas into a stereo WAV-file for subsequent insertion into any unoccupied Cakewalk audio track, if necessary.

Sonic Foundry Vegas in combination with DrumWalker 1.4 can be used not only as a multichannel mixdown software, but also as a professional quality drum "sampler". The unique feature of such a sampler is a wide dynamic range and extremely flexible channel-by-channel editing of every sample for each note of the MIDI part in the process of the final mixdown.

Additional Features
Preview (audition) of WAV-files and launching from within DrumWalker any stand-alone third party Wave Editor for WAV-file modification
Preset saving of all DrumWalker user-defined settings
Automatic recall of file paths and quick access to the folders containing WAV-files

System Requirements
DrumWalker 1.4 (MIDI FX plug-in) work with following Cakewalk software:
Sonar 1.0, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1, Pro Audio 9, Cakewalk Pro Audio Deluxe 9, Cakewalk Home Studio 9, Cakewalk Guitar Studio 2, Cakewalk Pro Audio 8, Cakewalk Professional 8, Cakewalk Home Studio 8.

DrumWalker 1.4 is compatible with Sonic Foundry Vegas Pro 1.0, Vegas Video 1.0 & 2.0, Vegas Audio 2.0 and can use WAV files supported by Vegas, including 32-bit 96 KHz, normally not supported by hard- and software samplers.

Established in 1984, NTONYX went a long way from a research lab and a team of computer music enthusiasts to a producer of internationally popular software and a strategic partner of Cakewalk. Our experts have managed to develop original unique technologies for musical performance modeling and morphing on the basis of intellectual analysis and transformation of MIDI data. NTONYX is in a continuous search for new solutions in this direction, regularly expanding the library of modeling algorithms and constantly finding for themselves new spheres of interest - such as development of voice banks and tools for audio technologies.