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  Style Enhancer Micro 2.0
May, 2001.




  Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 (SEM20) - is the newest MIDI plug-in created for use with SONAR multitrack digital recording system, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Cakewalk Guitar Studio, and Cakewalk Home Studio, versions 9 and 8. Based on Performance Modeling, this unique technology was developed by NTONYX to allow users to introduce a MIDI-sequence of live sounding music into their projects. SEM2.0 analyzes MIDI-sequences, inserts them, and changes controller commands such as Velocity, Volume, Pitch Wheel, Expression, etc. The result is simulation of a live musician playing a real instrument, as well as an interesting character to the performance. Performance Modeling technology integrated into the MIDI section of Cakewalk software gives you previously inaccessible, unique and unlimited features for use in the creation of all your music projects! SEM2.0 is an easy to use, fast, effective and the most intellectual MIDI data processing software you can find!

New Features of SEM2.0 in comparison with SEM1.28:

  • VARIABLE parameter. In every particular style Variable is linked to one or more ordinary parameter (Velocity, Pitch Wheel, etc.). Application of Variable considerably enhances Style possibilities.
  • Convenient Double-Coordinate Controllers. Transformation Regulators also have double-coordinate controllers - to smoothly change at once two chosen parameters in real-time.
  • The updated Styles. In SEM2.0 you have access to all Styles of the SEM1.28, but most styles have now more possibilities due to introduction of Variable parameter. In fact, the combination of Variable and save presets enables you to greatly expand your Style Library.
  • The Styles are incorporated in groups and are in folders with the appropriate names. You also can rename folders and to place in them Styles as you wants.


  • Works as a real-time MIDI FX plug-in.
  • The Convenient Transformation Regulators.
  • A Style Library with 100 powerful-style algorithms.
  • Convenient extended Style names with easy viewing and choice.
  • Combined modes of transformation allow you to mix influences produced by hand with the help of Wheels or Joystick, as well as influences calculated by the software.
  • Extended number of parameters of transformation: Start Time, Velocity, Expression, Volume (7), Expression (11), Breath (2), Brightness (74), Wheel, Modulation and Panning.
  • Auto Optimization function provides a filter of the MIDI-events in the transformed fragment.
  • Additional Styles Sets. SEM2.0 includes a Library of 100 Styles. However, up until April 2001, a total of more than 350 Styles have been developed. Now, a very complete collection of Styles is available in sets of 50.

System Requirements are the same as for Cakewalk. Of course faster systems will work more quickly but SEM is very quick on all systems.

Find out more about Style Enhancer Micro 2.0 at the NTONYX site: http://www.ntonyx.com/sem20.htm

Established in 1984, NTONYX went a long way from a research lab and a team of computer music enthusiasts to a producer of internationally popular software and a strategic partner of Cakewalk. Our experts have managed to develop original unique technologies for musical performance modeling and morphing on the basis of intellectual analysis and transformation of MIDI data. NTONYX is in a continuous search for new solutions in this direction, regularly expanding the library of modeling algorithms and constantly finding for themselves new spheres of interest - such as development of voice banks and tools for audio technologies.